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Ways to Make Your Pets Feel Safe During Firework Season

Ways to Make Your Pets Feel Safe During Firework Season


While us humans are happy celebrating the Fourth of July with bright firework displays and parties, our furry friends often find this time stressful and anxiety-inducing. In fact, kennel groups estimate that up to half of our pets are afraid of fireworks. This stems from a range of reasons, but mostly because fireworks are loud, alarming, and unpredictable. The incessant noises of firework season can make dogs and cats feel threatened and trapped. 

Thankfully, firework season doesn’t have to be so troubling for your pets. Follow these simple tips to help make your pets feel safe, secure, and comforted during this year’s festivities. 

Calm your Dogs

Dogs have much more acute and sensitive hearing than humans, which makes the loud blasts of fireworks even more startling and troublesome for pets. To help dogs adapt to fireworks, try these tips:

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  • Spend time outside during the day to avoid times when fireworks are more likely to be set off. Outside, the sound of fireworks is louder and can startle anxious dogs on evening or nighttime walks. 
  • Close any windows or doors to keep sounds muffled. 
  • Turn on the TV or soft music to further muffle the bangs of fireworks. A particularly helpful idea is to try an animal soothing soundtrack. 
  • Allow for comfortable hiding places in your home. If you have a basement, give your pet a bed to rest here at night. 

Calm your Cats

Cats can be sensitive to loud noises like fireworks and made start to feel threatened or skittish. Help them feel safe at home with these tips for cats:

  • Help create a safe space by making special hiding places for your cat. 
  • Keep your cats inside during firework season. Being outside where the noises are louder often makes cats feel more vulnerable and afraid. 
  • Be sure your cats are microchipped as some may try to run away if startled by the fireworks. 

Keep Your Pets Happy During Firework Season

A pet that feels safe is a happy pet. While fireworks can cause varying levels of distress for your pet, there are plenty of things we can do as pet owners to protect them from unnecessary anxiety and stress. We hope you and your pets have a safe and stress-free Fourth of July!

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