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A Living Home; The Best Indoor Plants for Each Room

A Living Home; The Best Indoor Plants for Each Room


No house is a home without the beauty and comfort of a few indoor plants. Fresh greenery does much for the look and feel of the home and has some pretty exciting health benefits, too.

Indoor plants breathe new life into any room, literally! Plants help to filter the air and release oxygen, giving us healthier, fresher air to breathe every day. Being around plants also tends to calm our worries and lift our spirits.

While nearly any plant could beautify your space, there are some guidelines to which plants thrive inside and which are better left for other uses. One of the most important things to consider is light exposure, so choose plants that will thrive in the amount of light your space offers. Here’s our guide to the best indoor plants for each room of your house.

The kitchen is the perfect place to keep both culinary plants and herbs as well as some good air purifiers. Since most people want to keep as much of their precious counter space as possible, hanging plants are a great option for sprucing up the kitchen.

  • Air plants
  • Hanging ferns
  • Herbs like rosemary, basil, or parsley
  • Aloe
  • Trailing pothos


We spend 7-9 hours resting in our bedrooms each night, let’s make those hours work for us! By adding health-boosting plants to your bedroom, you’ll not only benefit from a beautifully relaxing space, but you’ll improve your air quality, energy, mood, and respiratory health.

  • Snake plant
  • Rubber tree
  • Spider plant
  • Peace lilly


Children’s Bedroom
Kids also benefit from having a plant in their room. A small plant or two can stimulate creativity, teach about care and responsibility, and improve their mood and temperament.

See Also

  • Begonia
  • Succulents


Living Area
The living room is typically a good spot to keep a big, leafy plant that makes a statement. According to feng shui, plants with rounded leaves help to facilitate communication and peace whereas pointed-leaf plants can add a feeling of sharpness or edginess to the energy of your space. To keep things sweet and soft and congenial, focus on round-leaf plants.

  • Rubber tree
  • Fig leaf fern
  • Begonia


Your warm, humid bathroom is the perfect place for a few moisture-loving plants. Tropical plants who love low light tend to do very well in bathrooms.

  • Ferns
  • Air plants
  • Philodendron
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