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10 Wanderlust Movies to Fill Your Travel Void

10 Wanderlust Movies to Fill Your Travel Void


Travel restrictions got you down? You’re not alone. Travel lovers the world over are feeling the effects of our world shut down, from the casual jet-setter to the world nomad. While we wait for safe world travel to resume, why not fill your travel void with some virtual travel? We’ve gathered a few of the best wanderlust-worthy movies to give yourself a mini getaway and inspire your next future trip.

Lost in Translation: Tokyo
Pour yourself a shot of Suntory Whiskey and curl up to this Tokyo cult-classic.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Budapest
Missing the hotel life? Step back into elegance and grandeur at Monsieur Gustave’s hotel.

Midnight in Paris: Paris
This Woody Allen film not only takes you on a comedic journey with Owen Wilson through Paris, but back in time. Visit modern and 1920’s Paris and meet some of history’s favorite thought leaders in full color.

The Beach: Thailand
Fancy an island vacation? Head to Thailand with The Beach and prepare for the trip of your life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Cities and Beautiful Landscapes
Follow Mitty through Los Angeles, New York, Iceland, and Greenland through this dreamy film. Sit back and enjoy the landscapes.

Eat Pray Love: Around the World
One of the most famous and trip-inspiring movies out there, Eat Pray Love takes you to Italy, India, and Bali with some heartwarming and tear-jerking moments along the way. 

See Also

Before Sunrise; Before Sunset; Before Midnight
Nothing goes together quite like travel and romance. This series takes you through two travelers’ journeys together and apart between Austria, Paris, and Greece. 

The Motorcycle Diaries
Hit the road with and travel through the memories of Che Guevara in South America.

Want to get away? Really away? Cozy up with Tracks and venture through the terrain of West Australia.

The Bucket List
Add a few more spots to your own bucket list after following two pals on their adventures through Tanzania, China, Egypt, France, and the US.

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