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Womb Healing with Healer + Artist Dany Srey-Snow

Womb Healing with Healer + Artist Dany Srey-Snow

Written by Lisa Khiev | Photos by Dany Srey-Snow

Dany Srey-Snow is a Cambodian-American yoni healer, artist, and mom + wife based in Long Beach, Calif.

She is the healer behind Tori Dany Co. Healing & boudoir photographer behind Friends of Rose Boudoir and works to guide womxn to heal and feel divinely connected to their feminine essence, sensuality, and ancestors. By holding safe spaces, she helps turn shame into liberation. Dany speaks and shares about womb wisdom from the Divine Feminine/Matriarchal view.


Her offerings include boudoir photography, yoni steaming, reiki energy healing, and yoga. These healing experiences are offered to women through 1:1 sessions, group ceremonies, workshops, courses, and retreats.

Learn more about Dany’s intention is to hold sacred space for you to awaken & embody the Divine Feminine within and her tips on self-care and wellness.


  1. What is your ethnic and cultural background? Where are you from + based?


My ancestors come from Cambodia, which has a rich and magical history. I turn to our indigenous rituals and practices to stay connected with those before me and rooted in myself. I was born in Seattle, Washington, and now reside in Long Beach, California – home to Cambodia Town.


It’s been a full circle moment to really connect with Long Beach Cambodians and relearn my culture from a new lens. I’m witnessing the Khmer Diaspora cultivate strength, preservation, and bringing innovation to our culture  through devotional rituals of dance, music, art, and so much more.


  1. How did you get started in offering reiki + energy healing?


As far as I could remember, I’ve always been a HSP (highly-sensitive person) and empath. I just didn’t know what to label it. My gut, the second brain, was always telling me what I needed to know, but my mind would tell me otherwise. In a sense, I didn’t trust my intuition while growing up as a child. I knew I needed to do some deep healing work when I became a mom in 2017. I was getting highly triggered in certain situations while dealing with postpartum.


I received my first reiki attunement in 2019, when I moved to Long Beach. I was able to understand my own energy, witness others’, and see that everything has Life Force Energy flowing through them. Energy healing has empowered me to continue to trust my intuition and do what feels right. It’s been a place for me to help others tap into their own intuition and heal the subtle body. The body keeps the score and is always telling us what we need.


  1. What is your definition of self-care/wellness?


Self care/wellness is honoring what we need. Listening to what our bodies are telling us allows us to know when to say yes, when to say no, when to rest, when to act, and when to be. It’s a full mind, body, soul experience. Everyone will have different self-care rituals. For the body, it could be baths to decompress + purify energetically AND yoga to feel and be embodied and feel safe in our human vessel.


For the mind, it could be talk therapy to flush out all that’s stuck in our heads AND/or read a self-help book to open and expand our minds to other possibilities. For our soul, it could be listening to music to get connected to the Divine or laying out in nature to feel everything in breath. We could do all the rituals without having to compromise another self-care ritual. Meet yourself where you are. Really listening to what our mind, body, and soul need is self-care.


  1. What are a few tips you can share for women interested in womb wellness?


If you are interested in womb wellness, I invite you to dive into the curiosity. Sit with the feelings when you think about the word ‘womb’. Is it uncomfortable or are you excited? Do you feel shame or do you feel safe?


Notice how the word womb lands with you and allow an experience. Here are a few tips on womb wellness:


  1. Get familiar with your yoni and understand the physical anatomy, as well as learn about the energetic anatomy. Yonis are portals to creation and the universe!
  2. Tap into your intuition and listen to your body. Act on your full body yes’s!
  3. Get in tune with your menstruation cycle. Your moon cycle tells you when to slow down and listen!
  4. Connect to your ancestors, living, and past. They are the gatekeepers to learn more about yourself
  1. Define self-care for mothers. What does it mean and look like to you?

Self-care for mothers is absolutely necessary! Mothers are natural givers and caretakers, but must take care of ourselves first to fully give to others. Mothers can provide, nurture, and give when our cup is overflowing. Self-care, for me as a mother, can look like many things.


  1. Creating and honoring my boundaries.
  2. Carving out at least 1 hour of ‘ME time’ (not cleaning, catching up on work, or running errands).
  3. Having inner-child play time (doing things that I loved doing as a little girl – dancing, playing in nature, coloring).
  4. Being kind to myself and loving all parts of me.
  5. Honouring myself by having a self pleasure practice! (Yes, mamas, I said that.)


  1. Is there anything exciting you’d like to share in regards to your current offerings?


There’s so much excitement when it comes to manifesting my offerings. I’ve been collaborating with magical artists for art healing and things will be announced in divine timing. Destination healing retreats are on the horizon and I continue to serve those who feel aligned to this healing work from anywhere around the world.


I am also offering 1:1 Healing Mentorships and have Yoni Boxes, ritual kits to send to those who can’t work with me in-person. The Yoni Box is a monthly subscription ritual kit designed and created to benefit your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Get in touch with Dany-Srey-Snow by visiting her website or book a healing boudoir photography session at You can follow her journey of embodying the Divine Feminine at both @toridanyco and @friendsofrose on Instagram.

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