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Where to Find a Mom Tribe in Long Beach

Where to Find a Mom Tribe in Long Beach


Children are such a blessing, but being a parent of young kids can be incredibly isolating at times.   Having a mom tribe can help you not feel so alone, but where do you find these mom friends?  I know I’ve had more than my fair share of awkward convos with other moms at preschool trying to force a connection, and sometimes it just isn’t there.  So where else do you look when you’re an adult searching for friends?  Below I’ve listed a few of my fav places to connect with other moms.

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The Long Beach Moms Facebook Group

If you aren’t already a member, you’ll definitely want to join.  From discussions about pediatrician recommendations to organizing play dates, this group is a great resource for moms.  You’ll need to answer a few quick questions to join and then they approve members pretty quickly.  Check out the link below to join.


Mother’s Beach

This is both a beach and a playground area.  Yes, you can meet people at any beach, but there’s a reason this beach got its name.  This stretch of beach is located inside of Alamitos Bay and is protected from the ocean movement so there aren’t really any waves.  Because of this, it’s a popular spot for moms of young kids who want to have a beach day.  There’s a playground located here as well, and there’s plenty of shade.

Fit4Mom Long Beach

This is first and foremost a fitness group, so there is a fee to join, but it’s so much more than fitness.  In addition to both virtual workouts and in-person workouts like stroller strides, they host a variety of events like moms’ night outs and playdates for kids.  Your first workout is free if you want to try it out and get a feel for the vibes.  Link below.


Livingston Park

Long Beach is full of parks, so why this one?  I’ve been to many parks in LB and in my experience, this is one of the easiest places to meet other moms.  The park is fenced in and it’s not on a busy road so watching your kids here is less intense.  You only need to supervise to make sure they’re safe on the playground equipment without the added pressure of keeping them inside the park or away from the road, which makes it easier to make small talk with other parents here.  I also find that a lot of the moms here are regulars so if you go at the same time on the same day each week, you may find yourself with a standing play date with another family. 

Meet Up

Although I haven’t found that many mom friends at Meet Up events, I have found friends in general, which is why I included it.  Sometimes just having other adult friends is nice, even if they aren’t parents too.  In fact… sometimes you may find that you want a break from other parents and you just want to feel like a person and not a mom.  That’s actually what I was looking for after the birth of my second daughter.  I was so consumed with being a mom that I was losing sight of myself and I wanted to find a group to do normal person non-parent things.  I ended up finding a meet up for a weekly run club that did a 5k followed by a happy hour after the run.  I attended meet ups with them for years and it was such a wonderful experience, especially during such an isolating time in my life.  I’m including the link for Meet Up below if you want to poke around and see what types of meet ups are happening in Long Beach.


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