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Tips for Hosting a Socially Distanced Fall Bonfire

Tips for Hosting a Socially Distanced Fall Bonfire


Bonfire season is here! But this year, we need to take some extra precautions when we host our next bonfire get-together to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some simple tips to stay safe during your next fall bonfire and still enjoy the company of family and friends!

Set the Scene to Keep Your Distance
While being outside is considered a safer option for socializing than staying indoors, it’s still important to maintain social distancing during your backyard bonfire. Set the scene ahead of time to encourage your guests to maintain the recommended six-foot distancing rules. Arrange your seats and chairs six feet apart and encourage guests to visit the snack and beverage table one at a time. Of course, make sure there are enough cups, plates, utensils, napkins, and other items for guests to each have their own and not need to share or swap.

Create Sanitize Stations
It’s easy to feel more comfortable in your own home, or even your friends. We tend to be less wary of the potential germs and hazards when we are in familiar spaces. But, because we want to minimize the spread of the virus as best as we can, keeping hands clean is essential – even at home. Offer hand sanitizer at the food table, on side tables around the bonfire, and in each room of the house if guests need to venture inside for any reason.

Better Off BYOB
While cooking food on the grill or even the bonfire itself is safe for sharing, beverages are best left BYOB. Ask guests to bring their own drinks to the party to prevent excessive handling of other’s drinks and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

 Prep the Treats with Care
Backyard bonfires wouldn’t be the same without some classics like roasted hot dogs or smores. To make the process as easy and safe as possible, plan as much of the food ahead as possible. Wearing gloves, prep the hot dogs and marshmallows on their sticks so they are ready to go without your guests having to handle the food or packaging. Set aside the buns, graham crackers, and chocolate on separate plates ready to enjoy. If you’re planning other treats, use these same precautions to limit the amount of touching and handling your guests have to do.

Prepare the Bathroom
Eventually, one or all your guests will need to use the restroom. Keep a clean, clear pathway and direction to the restroom so guests can quickly navigate in and out of the home. Prepare the bathroom with high quality soap and paper towels so guests can clean up without sharing towels. Regularly check in on the bathroom to disinfect the doorknob and other high-touch surfaces with a quick disinfecting wipe.

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