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Tips For Brightening Up Your Yard For Summer!

Tips For Brightening Up Your Yard For Summer!


It’s safe to say that summer is almost here! And with it, an entire roster of spring-cleaning chores we’ve been putting off…

Well folks, it’s time to stop procrastinating and tackle the biggest of the summer chores, putting the yard back together. This is an essential step before inviting friends and family over for a summer of cookouts and deck parties. Here are some tips and tricks to help accomplish your mission, especially for all you penny pinchers like myself.

Colorful Plants

If you’re anything like me, you have the opposite of a green thumb. But there are lots of vibrant plants and flowers that can set definitive tones for your yard that are prefect for beginners. Sunflowers, for example can grow annually in almost any soil. They thrive in direct sunlight and attract a healthy ecosystem of critters. A spectrum of plants can turn your simple backyard into a botanical garden.

Recycling Tins as Planters

Have you found yourself with an abundance of empty tin cans after the fury of spring cleaning? Give them a quick wash and rinse, peel the label, paint whichever color you like, and use them as pots for small plants or flowers! It will add color and variety to your backyard setup. If you have kids, it’s the perfect crafty activity for them and also allows their creative input into your décor.

Painted Rocks

Another fun one for the kids. By simply painting shapely rocks and distributing along a path, it will make your yard feel more open and inviting. Personal touches such as painting, and DIY projects go a long way. Acrylic paint often works the best and is very affordable.

Outdoor Furniture

Adding furniture and seating to your yard displays inviting tones for all intended guests. It provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, even when you’re not expecting to company.

Now, this can get a little pricey if you’re not careful. Patio furniture can be painfully expensive, but shopping smart can slash those prices into thirds. Most stores sell outdoor chairs, couches, and pillows with heavy discounts during the winter months.

Estate Sales

These tend to open up a little more in the warmer months and offer higher quality items than you would find at a regular garage sale. From tables and chairs to sectional couches, you can usually find anything at estate sales for over half the original price. There are apps you can download which notify you when an estate sale goes live in your area.


These are probably my favorite backyard items. It truly brings your yard to life. Not only do you get to watch colorful birds dive down and socialize with each other, but they also help clear up pests and insects you’ve got running around. You take advantage of a natural ecosystem. You can always buy a birdhouse, but they’re very easy to craft yourself. If you do decide you purchase one, try giving it a custom paint job.

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String, Stake, and Solar Lighting

Dim, string lighting has a magical power that turns almost any environment into a cozy abode. It’s usually really cheap at the stores and come weather proofed.

Stake lighting is an excellent way to illuminate plant/flower beds and other hidden areas without too much clutter since they can be cleverly hidden.

Solar lights are perfect for path lighting. They charge throughout the day and show you the way during the evening hours. It’s an inexpensive way to add professional ambiance to your yard.

DIY Firepit

Is there anything better than the smell of a campfire on a warm summer night? All you need is a shovel, brick, and an assortment of smaller stones for a DIY backyard fire pit. If you are unsure about the construction, there are tons of simple-to-follow videos on the internet. Large stones can be affordably purchased at most home improvement stores or gardening centers.

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