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Thanksgiving Scraps You Should & Should NOT Feed Your Pets

Thanksgiving Scraps You Should & Should NOT Feed Your Pets


With Thanksgiving fastly approaching and the holidays right around the corner, we all know food is going to play a significant role. You’re not the only one looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast; your dog is right there waiting too. We are pretty sure more than half of you feed your dog (or cat) leftovers, but do you know which foods are actually good for them. With some hidden dangers in these holiday foods, make sure you know what you’re feeding them.


Yes to Turkey

Turkey is a great source of lean protein to share with your pets. Just double check that there are no bones and take off any excess fat or skin. Also, it’s best if you feed them white meat.


No to Alliums

You should not feed your pet anything with alliums, this includes onions, garlic, leeks, and scallions. Don’t panic if your pet does consume some of these as they are not toxic in small amounts. Just make sure they are not ingesting large quantities of alliums because this can lead to toxic anemia.


Yes to Mash Potatoes

Potatoes are great to share with your pets. Although the vegetable itself is not harmful, the added ingredients like cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, and gravy, can be.


No to grapes

Grapes, like chocolate but not as well known, are toxic to pets. Including raisins, this fruit has be shown to cause kidney failure in dogs.


Yes to Cranberry sauce

On the other hand, cranberry sauce is completely ok for pets, just make sure you watch the sugar content. It’s best if you give them a small helping.


Yes to Macaroni n Cheese

Macaroni n Cheese is a safe leftover to feed your pets if you know their stomachs can handle the dairy. If you’re not entirely sure, feed them plain macaroni because cats have been known to develop a lactose intolerance in adulthood.


Yes to Green beans

These vegetables are great to add to any dog’s diet, but if they are in a casserole, be aware of the other ingredients.


No to Alcohol

You should never feed alcohol to your pet. What we consider a small amount can be a lot for a smaller animal and cause alcohol poisoning. Animals also have been reported to experience alcohol poisoning from atypical items like fruit cake and other bread.


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