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Staff Picks: What and Where to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Staff Picks: What and Where to Shop Local This Holiday Season


Shopping locally is a great way to support your community and find unique gifts for the holidays. Here are the staff picks from the LB Living Collective featuring their favorite small businesses in Long Beach to find unique gifts for this season.


BYO Long Beach: As someone who is big into reimagining a better world, a big thing that plays into that is taking better care of our planet. BYO Long Beach helps give you options for how you can incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle into your day to day life. One of my favorite items I’ve gotten from there is my reusable cutlery set. This is so perfect for really any occasion and helps to cut back on plastic use. I take mine to work for my lunch, camping and hiking trips, and I try to have it handy in my bag for any outing where I might need them. Especially to try to cut back on those unnecessary plastic straws that have damaged our oceans so much.

3 Locations: Alamitos: 148 N Marina Drive / Bixby: 3805 Atlantic Avenue / East Village: 431 E 1st Street

IG: @bringyourownlongbeach

Photo from BYO’s Website.

Shades of Afrika: I love to read and I’m all about supporting small local bookstores. Shades of Afrika is a local Black-owned store/cultural center on 4th Street that offers a variety of books by Black authors and more. I have bought quite a few books for myself and my siblings and niece here. “Shades of Afrika began with a concept when we noticed that there were too few places that offered affordable Afrikan Art, Afrikan made products, and even fewer book stores. There seemed to be a pressing need to tell our story, establish ourselves in the community, and provide a positive environment for businesses in our community.”

Location: 1001 E 4th St.


Photo from Shades of Afrika’s Website.

Gusto Bread: For me, some of the best gifts I’ve received have come in the form of delicious treats. Gusto Bread has some of my favorite homemade treats that remind me of my culture and my family growing up as a Mexican-American. Gusto Bread is a panadería based in Long Beach, specializing in breads and pan dulce made only with masa madre (wild fermentation). “We are a homey, creative, latinx operation, with a love for art, tradition + nutrition, serving + supported by our diverse local community.”

Location: 2710 E 4th St.

IG: @gustobread

Photo from Gusto Bread’s IG.


Songbird Boutique: If you are looking for something fun, I highly recommend checking out Song Bird on 4th street. It is one of my favorite places to purchase the best random funny gifts and trinkets. Songbird’s fun selection is all created by local vendors & what a better way to support the community during the holiday season than purchasing from small local businesses!

Location: 2240 E 4th St.

IG: @songbird_boutique

Photo from Songbird’s Instagram.

Recircle Home: When it comes to creating a safe space and ambiance, Recircle Home is the place for me! I really enjoy giving my loved ones gifts to create a peaceful home and place in their heart.

Location: 501 E Broadway

IG: @recirclehome

Photo from Recircle Home’s Instagram.

Third Eye Records: As a music lover I really enjoy sharing the gift of music! Supporting local small record stores has always been a favorite way to spend my money. What better way to show love and how well you know a person than by purchasing them an album from their favorite artist.

Location: 2234 E 4th St.

IG: @thirdeyerecords

Photo from Third Eye Records’ Instagram.


Plantiitas: The holiday season is quickly approaching, and plants make a great gift to give and receive! Not only do plants add visually pleasing décor to any home, but they offer several scientifically proven benefits. Plants are capable of lifting the spirits of those living in a space, as well as reducing stress levels. Giving plants as a holiday gift not only shows you care but that you’re also intentionally helping your loved ones to stay positive in their environment and breathing healthier air. But you don’t want to make it too complicated or choose a high maintenance plant, we recommend you start with a beautiful Monstera from our friends at Plantiitas! Monsteras are low maintenance plants and are easy to take care of, they make the perfect house plant.

Location: 2011 East 4th St.

IG: @plantiitas

Photo from Plantiita’s IG.

Stay Anchored: You can’t go wrong with a Long Beach Classic! If you’re looking to show off your love for our amazing city, tell your family and friends by giving them a Stay Anchored Original. This classic cap is the perfect gift for all those that love the LBC!

Location: 4150 McGowen St. Suite #9

IG: @stayanchored

Photo from Stay Anchored’s Website.

Make Collectives: We all have that one friend or family member that could use as little motivation. You know who I’m talking about, they have big dreams, outgoing personalities… and they  just need to know you are totally supportive  and you want to cheer them on! Well… look no further than this encouraging candle! It will not only make their home smell delicious, but it will remind them that you are there cheering them on, reminding them they can do it! So be a good friend/relative give them the gift that keeps on giving!

Location: 430 E. 1st St.

IG: @makecollectives

Photo from Make Collectives Website.


Made by Millworks: If you’re obsessed with Long Beach as much as I am, Made by Millworks is the spot to go. They’re a shop that has a wide roster of apparel, gifts, and novelty items that are entirely curated by Long Beach artisans and purveyors. Need an “LB” hat or a book that’s published by a local author? They’ll have something, and more, for you.

Location: 50 E 4th St.

IG: @madebymillworks

Photo from Made by Millworks’ Instagram.

Buvons: Tucked into a scarcely-trafficked thoroughfare in Zaferia is Buvons. It’s a quaint natural wine shop that not only has a wide selection of bottles, but it’s an over all charming space for wine tastings and light fare. Pro-tip, a Michelin Guide Thai joint, Chiang Rai, is within walking distance from here. Pair the two experiences together for a beautiful date night.

Location: 1147 Loma Ave.

IG: @buvonslb

Photo from Buvons’ Instagram.

Oh La Vache: I’m a huge cheese nerd, so this Retro Row cheese shop is one of my all time favorite places in the city. They have an extensive range of imported cheeses from familiar to funky. They also carry lots of import goods including Italian dry pasta and canned tomatoes, as well as cheese adjacent commodities such as cutlery. As for gifting opportunities—they make incredibly beautiful and rustic cheese and meat boards (charcuterie). Definitely a recommended holiday gifting destination.

Location: 2112 E 4th St.

IG: @ohlavachelb

Photo by James Tir.


Fair Trade Long Beach – Retail CollectiveI just love Teresa Baxter and her mission to work with 20 small local businesses and organizations that help to give back to our global and local communities that support fair trade.  They have some wonderful unique items that you won’t be able to find anyplace else and at a variety of price ranges.  You can always find a great gift for someone or just a special treat for yourself.  And like Teresa says ”It’s feel good shopping”!

Location: 4105 N Bellflower Blvd. Unit B

IG: @fairtradelongbeach

Image from Fair Trade’s Facebook.

La Parolaccia Osteria: This wonderfully delicious, friendly inviting spot is definitely one of our favorite places to dine in Long Beach. I’ve never been disappointed. Stefano and his son Micheal have worked hard for years to provide a real taste of home style Italian cooking in an intimate welcoming environment. If you haven’t been to La Parolaccia I highly recommend it! A gift card for your friends or loved one to enjoy a dinner here is a perfect gift for this holiday season.

Location: 2945 E Broadway

IG: @laparolacciausa

Image from La Parolaccia’s Instagram.

The Silver Fox: A gift can be an activity, something that creates lasting memories. John Schinnerer and Ron Waddell founded the Silver Fox in 1981 and it has been a wonderful Gay Nightclub serving the community from the beginning. Joined by Micheal Loberg, together they created Southern California’s first video bar. In 1985 John Barnes came aboard as manager and continues to manage the Fox to this day and is a true friend. The entire crew at the Fox are always welcoming and friendly to everyone. They are always hosting fun events throughout the year. If you’re into singing they have Karaoke every Wednesday & Sunday nights. This is where we go with friends to have a great cocktail and to have a good time. If you haven’t been, check it out, everyone is welcome! It could be a fun activity to gift to create memories.

Location: 411 Redondo Ave.

IG: @silverfoxlb

Image from Silver Fox’s Instagram.

The Ordinarie: Great food, friendly staff, warm and inviting atmosphere, what else would you like when looking for a great place to dine. Chris and his staff have always made us feel welcome and special and they have some of the best food and cocktails in Long Beach. They’re also known for their Miracle at the Ordinarie during the Christmas/Holiday season and their live entertainment. Make sure to stop by to grab a gift card to win you holiday points with your friends and family!

Location: 210 The Promenade N.

IG: @theordinarie

Image from The Ordinarie’s Instagram.
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