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Simple Rituals for a Productive Home Office

Simple Rituals for a Productive Home Office


Between stay-at-home orders and the remote-based “new normal” of the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers estimate that around 42% of the population is currently working from home. While working from home is a dream come true for some people, the situation is less than ideal for many others.

Here we’ll showcase a few simple rituals that can help make working from home easier, more productive, and more balanced.

Set Your Working Hours

If you’ve been working from home, you’ve likely experienced how difficult keeping a work-life balance can be. It’s hard to focus on work when you’re surrounded by your family, chores to be done, and an office that feels like your living room (or is…). Likewise, it can be hard to turn off at the end of the workday and enjoy your free time when there’s no separation between work and home.

The first step to create a healthier work-life balance while working from home is to create your schedule. It’s best to stick to the same schedule you used when going to the office, but feel free to tweak it to make it work for you, your family, and your new lifestyle.

Start the Day with Intention, then “Eat the Frog”

Starting the workday off on the right foot is easy when you set your intentions ahead of time. This is extra important when working from home, where your workspace may be less organized than at the office.

Start by getting a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Then, sit down at your desk and close your eyes. Visualize the day going smoothly as you accomplish everything that needs to get done. Finally, open your eyes and write a short list of the 3 main tasks for the day.

Level Up Your Space

All workspaces are better when they’re designed to help us stay focused and comfortable. Make sure your space is clear and tidy. Do you have easy access to all your important tools, files, and notes? What about the comfort of your work area? You may consider trying a new chair, adding back support cushions, or adjusting your keyboard or computer screen to ensure that you have a healthy posture throughout the day.

Set the Mood

Now, create the best ambiance to help you focus, be creative, or stay motivated. Smart playlists can keep you entertained while you tackle your tasks. A favorite candle or brain-boosting aromatherapy can improve your mental focus and melt away stress.

Feed Your Brain

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and well-fed. Working from home often leads to either too-frequent refrigerator trips or forgetting to eat all together. To cure both issues, prep your lunches ahead of time, keep healthy snacks like nuts and fruit at your desk, and remember to drink water throughout the day.

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