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Palm Springs Realtor Melissa Lundgren

Palm Springs Realtor Melissa Lundgren


Melissa Lundgren, Realtor, CRS, ABR

Phone: (760) 507-1174



How did I get into real estate:

My song writing and film production career took me from LA, where I was born and raised, to Nashville TN in 1990. There was a very thriving film production community there and I blended right in as my creative, tech, people pleasing, and organizational skills landed me in production coordinating and film community leadership positions. I worked with a lot of artists and actors and creatives on films, music videos, tv and corporation projects, it was fun for a long time. After 13 years, I began to ask myself if I was really making a difference in anyone’s life and felt like I’d taken that road as far as it would go for me. I lived in historic neighborhoods and bought my 1st home , a Bungalow, and renovated it and had income on it as well. I got the house and home ownership bug, got my real restate license and started my career working with a top producer-turning a hundred transactions a year, my skills fit perfectly, and realized that homes are truly where the heart is- and I could really help and make a difference in peoples lives.

What is my area of expertise?

I get to help people move forward and make life changing decisions around their emotions, financials, and geographics of homeownership. Everyone has unique personal circumstances and I compassionately listen, expertly guide, inform, and educate them through this complex process, and, strive to give them a great customer experience and happy ending and new beginning! I care, am transparent and straight forward, we have fun and I’m confident in my skills. My business is built mostly on referrals and repeat clients. It’s a very bonding experience.

What makes you passionate about your work?

I’m a mid century modern gal who is no stranger to Palm Springs’s architecture and the desert lifestyle. As a child we had an original WEXLER home in El Rancho Vista in my family as a 2nd home in the mid 60s thru late 70s. It’s been an on going love affair ever since. My dream has always been to live here full-time ever since then.

Now, I get to bring my career and service skills to Palm Springs full time to help others realize their passion and love for the Palm Springs experience, the architecture and the fun and thriving desert lifestyle.

Why should people buy a primary or second home or rental in Palm Springs?

What makes Palm Springs an ideal location for people living in Long Beach and LA county to move or purchase?

Palm Springs is an international point of destination for the young and old- offers a timeless and ageless lifestyle and soul connection experience that – for those who get it- there’s no better place to be or live or stay often.

Full-time living is more the norm, also is the perfect weekend west coastal getaway ( Long Beach, LA, San Diego- an easy commute), and has huge repeat winter Snowbird population (rental income). for many reasons: the warm weather, beautiful sunsets around the mountain surrounds, a peaceful and inspiring place to create for artists, musicians, actors, and writers love it here as their escape or full-time sanctuary. Then, there is everything for the golf enthusiasts ! International Architectural, music, film, art, food and wine festivals, shopping , restaurants and bars, there’s always something fun to do. PS offers a relaxed and supported LGBT community and environment. And, Palm Springs knows how to party too! Plus, it’s a good investment!

What is the best part about my job?

I get to make people happy! That’s my job and my passion to be the ambassador for what I consider to be the greatest place on the planet to live, or visit ,to play, relax, and create- and there’s nothing happier than a successful closing on someone’s first condo or first mid century-modern home purchase in Palm Springs!

I love working with Zapala Meyer California Properties, we are a boutique company of six agents with collectively over 60 years of Realtor experience. And from every closing I support local nonprofits: Desert AIDS Project and Pet Rescues as my way of giving back to my community.

Life is very good in Palm Springs!

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