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Local Nonprofits Participating in Piñata Making Contest

Local Nonprofits Participating in Piñata Making Contest

Alyssa Valencia

The upcoming Tamales Festival brings a day of celebration and family friendly fun to the city of Long Beach. It also serves as an opportunity to support the communities that make events like this possible. As part of the piñata contest, which will be a part of the LB Tamales Festival, we will be partnering with three different non-profit organizations. The money raised by each of these teams will go to their respective nonprofits. The starting price to vote begins at $1 which will go directly to the nonprofit. Voting is taking place on Long Beach Living’s Instagram, mobile app, and at the Tamales Festival. Voters have until the end of December 4, 2022 to get their votes in!

The first of the nonprofit organizations we will be collaborating with is Kingdom Causes Bellflower. Founded back in 1999, Kingdom Causes Bellflower specializes in community development which includes housing, job creation and neighborhood development. They also provide assistance for both those who are homeless, or those at risk of becoming homeless, as well as providing training and education to the community. To achieve their goals KCB works with individual donors, volunteers, churches, government officials and other nonprofits.

Photo via KCB Website

Some noteworthy achievements of KCB include the Life Net Monitor Program which allows the homeless to connect with support groups that provide resources to help them get back on their feet. KCB’s work with good soil industries provides employment for men who are considered to be “hard to hire.”

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Good Soil industries provides transitional landscaping jobs for men who may have barriers to employment. KCB also provides transitional housing with “Margaret’s House.” This is a 3-unit hospitality home for families with children. Because traditional homeless shelters separate family members by age and gender, Margaret’s house allows families to stay together.

Another nonprofit that will be a part of the piñata making contest at the tamales festival is Z.B.K Karate Team. Z.B.K Karate is a nonprofit organization that specializes in teaching children and adults self-discipline, self-confidence and self-defense through the use of shotokan karate. Z.B.K strives to build its students courage and confidence by allowing them to collaborate together and perform their skills in front of others. Z.B.K offers classes to those who are interested in the Long Beach and La Miranda areas. In addition to Z.B.K’s mission, the karate team has been recognized by the city council of La Miranda and was awarded for their participation in the 2022 USA Open and Junior International Cup Karate tournament. Z.B.K has also participated in the 2022 CONADE 2022 National Games held in Mexico. The success of Z.B.K is also due to the help of their sponsors which include Diego De Lama, Virgil Magday, Samuel Davila, and many more.

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Z.B.K’s yellow belt karate team. Photo via Instagram.

Lastly, Beach Front Mutt Rescue is the final nonprofit that will be participating in the piñata making contest at the Long Beach Tamales Festival. Beach Front Mutt Rescue is a foster based dog rescue located in Long Beach. The nonprofit strives to place its dogs in caring- foster homes and ultimately get the dogs to be adopted and become a part of a special family. Beach Front Mutt Rescue is a relatively new nonprofit, therefore most of the information can be found on their Instagram- @beachfrontmuttrescue. Those who are interested in adopting or fostering dogs in need are encouraged to send a direct message about themselves or fill out the form that is provided on the Beach Front Mutt Rescue Instagram account.

Again voting will last until December 4th and all money submitted will support the three nonprofits listed above and the Long Beach Community as a whole.

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