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Local Fab: Thrifted Fits for Festival Season

Local Fab: Thrifted Fits for Festival Season


Festival Season has arrived in SoCal! Festival season isn’t just known for its great music, curated experiences, and good vibes – but it’s also known for being fashion central. Sequins, flower crowns, geometric eyeliners, bucket hats, and fanny packs. Really, anything goes outfits. Festivals have long influenced fashion since the Woodstock days. A place where trends are set for the year and where you are able to uniquely express yourself to coincide with how the festival’s music and vibes make you feel. So for this weekend’s local festival – Love Long Beach Festival, we are taking you on a tour of some of our very own Long Beach Thrift and Vintage Stores where you can find unique and fun festival wear to be the showstopper of your group. And while you’re at it, grab your outfit for LB Living’s Fruit Punch! Did you know that our very own Long Beach was ranked as the best U.S. city to go thrift shopping? According to a study done by Workshopedia in 2021, “the thrifty city boasts 11.00 flea markets, 84.23 thrift stores, and 84.67 vintage, used, and consignment stores per 100K resident.” So – Get in, we’re going thrifting!


1. Goods on Orange

Hours: Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat & Sun 11-5

Everything is a vibe here. Goods on Orange is a beautifully curated collective shop located at 3414 Orange Ave. Key word ‘collective’ as they feature local & fair trade sourced small business vendors (who are all females). They have been around for a year and a half, although when you walk in – you’ll feel like they’ve always been there by the amount of items they have on display. Selling anything from vintage clothing, furniture, plants, jewelry and more!

Bright, retro, vintage, and laidback. That is what one of the outfits that we picked out at Goods on Orange can be described as. Light and breezy for the warm SoCal weather and perfect for your reel recap of the festival.
Boho chic. That is the essence of this outfit. You really can’t go wrong with black and white pieces accessorized with neutrals.


2. Beacon House

Hours: Mon-Sun 11-7

Located at 3220 E Anaheim St.Beacon House Thrift Shop is a social enterprise program of the Beacon House Association of San Pedro, a state-certified, residential substance abuse recovery program for men and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The men of Beacon House work at the thrift shop to practice the life and job skills they need to build a successful future, while proceeds from second-hand donation sales benefit the recovery program that gives these men a second chance at life! Not only are you able to find unique festival outfits – you’re also able to have your dollars make an impact in someone’s life that is a part of the Beacon House program.

A bold statement yellow bralette but that is toned down and dressed up by the floral blouse and short buttons. We loved how the brown in the boots really brings the whole fit together.


You can’t go wrong with a band tee. It easily does all the statement work for you for the outfit. Although, people may or may not ask if you can name a song of the band that you’re wearing…


3. Aids Assistance

Hours: Tues-Wed 11-4, Thurs-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3

AIDS Assistance Thrift Store has been in our city for 30 years! They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to helping people living with HIV and AIDS in the Long Beach area. They have programs where their clients can access free household and clothing. They also work with the Long Beach Health Department (St. Mary’s Hospital and APLA). Located at 2749 E. Anaheim St., their items consist of a wide variety of donated clothing, artwork, houseware, and more. “There is something for everybody here!” says store employee, Danny.

This sequin, satin bralet is a hidden gem at Aids Assistance Thrift Store! Paired with this intricately designed lace cover – a gem bound to make you shine brightly all weekend at the festival.


Who would pass up a fun top like this one with complimentary colors? Balanced out with the dark blue in the shorts, allows the focus to be on the show-stopper that is this shirt. Don’t forget the bucket hat that serves two purposes – fashion statement and sun protection.


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4. Meow

Hours: Mon-Fri 12-6:30, Sat 11-6:30, Sun 12-6

Specializing in “dead stock” original apparel and accessories from the 1940s to the 1980s – Meow has become a retro enthusiast’s dream destination! Located in Long Beach’s well known Retro Row at 2210 E. 4th St. They offer everything from casual to cocktail wear including accessories as well as Y2K clothing. Meow vintage is a wonderful world that has been offering a unique experience to shoppers for over 20 years!

A fit that is not only a showstopper but also a great conversation starter! So many unique designs all in one top. Complemented with a beautiful burgundy undershirt and forest green shorts – with lots of pockets so you don’t lose anything at the festival!


Bright! Patterns! Bold! Unique! Retro! Did you peep that reversible bucket hat?


5. Far Outfit

Hours: Wed-Fri 12-5, Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5

“The slower you go, the more you will find.” Dave, Far Outfit employee. And sure enough! Far Outfit is a really cool store that offers something from every era – for everyone. Vintage thrift women and men’s clothing, accessories, antiques, and more. Also located on Retro Row (2020 E 4th St.), they have been bringing recycled clothing that goes beyond the current trends for over 7 years. “Do Good, Feel Good. Buying from us improves the environment and the community.” If you’re down with weird and trying something new – Far Outfit is the place for you.

We love how the bone color of this top draws the eye to the beautiful gold detail in the shorts. Don’t forget to add in a black fanny pack that can be used as an accessory and useful storage.


Chic retro made comfy and not so fancy with the fringed shorts – although that depends on the shoes you choose to go with it. But that gives you the flexibility to pull the outfit together to reflect how you’re feeling! Chill vibes if paired with white sneakers or dressy vibes with knee-high white boots – but you choose! We love the flexibility that can come with this fit.
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