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Learn, Grow, Create: 5 Easy Ways to Learn Something New Online

Learn, Grow, Create: 5 Easy Ways to Learn Something New Online


Has 2020 left you feeling a little unsatisfied? One of the best cures for the Covid-19 blues is diving in to learn something new. Hobbies and interests give us a break from the stresses of our modern society while helping us grow – either professionally or personally.

We’ve gathered some of the best places to learn something new online. What will you discover?

Level up on Skillshare.

Skillshare is a knowledge-sharing platform that allows anyone to offer video courses in their area of unique expertise. From photography to personal finance, cooking to calligraphy, you can find it all on Skillshare.

Deepen your knowledge with Coursera.

Coursera is the place to go if you want to take a college-level course right at home. There is a vast range of courses and you’re likely to find something on any topic that interests you. Their courses are developed and taught by real university professors and include a certificate option.

Get artsy on Domestika.

Domestika is a hub for creative and art courses. Here you can learn the basics of illustration or macramé, or try your hand at highly specialized techniques like concrete furniture making. Art can be greatly therapeutic, so why not find something creative and healing to pass the time?

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Get in the Kitchen with Milk Street Online Cooking School.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your cooking skills, Milk Street’s Online Cooking School is the perfect way to gain confidence in the kitchen. They offer hour-long live cooking events hosted by cooking teachers, recipe developers, and chefs. Cook along and send in any questions or comments along the way!

Pick up the Guitar with Fender Play.

Learning a new instrument is a great way to flex your brain and relax at the same time. Plus, you can entertain your friends and family with your beautiful music for years to come! Try out Fender Play’s online guitar courses and start strumming along to old classics and new favorites. Their easy-to-follow lessons are paired with comprehensive learning plans and progress tracking.

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