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Holiday gift ideas that won’t break the bank

Holiday gift ideas that won’t break the bank


As we all know Covid has really taken a toll on most of us either physically, mentally and financially. With the holiday season in full swing, the pressure of being able to participate in gift giving can be a bit stressful and a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few gift ideas that not only will make your loved ones feel special, but will help alleviate some of those emotions for you.

Handmade items

It’s always nice receiving a gift that was made with love and intentionally for you! Try making the ones you love a homemade ornament, a picture frame with your favorite photo of yourself with the gift recipient, take your favorite plant and propagate the cuttings and place it into a cute repurposed jar or pot. Whichever gift you do decide on, remember that most people simply enjoy the thought of including them on your gift giving list.

Care package

Now a care package doesn’t necessarily have to be only for when someone is sick or you’re missing them. One of my favorite gifts to receive is practical and useful gifts. For example, one year for Christmas my parents got me anti aging eye gel, face wash, serums, and face creams with a rose quartz face roller. To this day, I still use the face roller and use the same brand of all the facial items. This type of gift gives you a chance to show how much you care without having to stress too hard on what to get.


We all know and love a foodie, this type of gift is not only easy but yummy! I like to get a few of their favorite snacks, some mini booze or wine bottles, and place them into a cute gift basket. If you want to take it a step further you can add a gift card to their favorite restaurant or give them a few handwritten recipes of your favorite dishes for a nice personal touch.


When it comes to candles you truly can’t go wrong. Instead of just gifting a lonesome candle this year, try adding some cute matches or lighter, a wick trimmer, and if the candle doesn’t come in a holder get something to place the candle in or on. Think sconces, hurricanes, or even a repurposed mason jar! Not sure what scent to get, stick with a holiday scent or something neutral so they can use it year round.

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Gift giving should not be a dreaded or stressful task. This holiday season think outside the box and give your loved ones something they will truly use and be grateful for….and won’t break the bank!




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