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“Food for the Soul” – A Giving Event for Food Finders

“Food for the Soul” – A Giving Event for Food Finders

Alyssa Valencia

Food Finders rescues over a million pounds of food waste a month and is one of the only food banks that covers Orange County, Riverside County, L.A. County and San Bernardino County. They are a nonprofit organization with a mission that strives for the elimination of hunger while also reducing food waste. On October 15th, they will be hosting their “Food For The Soul” event at Cal State Long Beach from 5pm to 9pm in collaboration with Farm to Tableaux.

Photo from Food Finders website.

This fundraising event will help Food Finders achieve their overall mission which is to raise awareness of food waste and food insecurity. “Most people don’t realize that 30-40% of food supply will never reach our plates… if we took 25% of that food waste, we wouldn’t have to worry about food insecurity,” said Executive Director of Food Finders, Diana Lara. In 2021, Food Finders was able to save 7,258,599,792 gallons of water and redirect 8,642,985 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Food waste negatively impacts the environment because the waste creates methane gas which contributes to climate change. “Though we have the intention of eating the food we buy, it doesn’t always happen. More food is wasted at home than any other sector,” said Lara. Now is the time to make a change before the damage becomes irreversible.  

Attendees of the “Food For Soul” event will have a variety of performances, photo opportunities, cocktails, and appetizers to enjoy. Some of the following include:

  • Guests at the event will be greeted with jazz music by Stone Soul.
  • Artisan cocktails provided Trademark Brewing & Portuguese Bend Distilling
  • Carnival dance display by Tableaux and Interactive Juggler Will Murray
  • Silent auction sponsored by Commercial Bank 
  • Mystere Box Drawing 
  • Feast on Farm-to-Table cuisine 
  • Painting for guests
  • Fresh produce display
  • A dinner which will include Food Finders beliefs and ways communities can become involved
  • Appetizers provided by Luxe Nosh from Chef Christina Smith and Forquilla by Chef Alex

Tickets are limited and are selling out quickly. To find more information or to buy tickets, visit the Food Finder’s website.

Photo from Food Finders website.
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