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Fun Activities to Do While You Wait for Thanksgiving Dinner

Fun Activities to Do While You Wait for Thanksgiving Dinner


Ever wonder what other activities you can do with your family on Thanksgiving day besides watching football and eating? Maybe you want to spice things up a little and want to make sure the whole family connects. Or maybe you just want to keep them out of the kitchen so you can cook the big feast in peace. Here are five fun and engaging games the entire family can play that will keep them entertained and out of the kitchen.

Looping Louie

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This game was originally intended to be a kid’s game only, but somehow became a very popular bar game in Germany. It is simple and strangely addictive for all ages. The game consists of four players, each player has a station and the goal is to protect your eggs while an aviator in a motorized airplane spins around in the center and attempts to knock your eggs out of your hold. Those who lose their eggs first loses and the one who is able to keep their eggs the longest, wins!

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Ultimate Werewolf

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For those familiar with the game Mafia, this game is basically a wolf-themed version of that, with a few special effects. People are given cards which indicate their role/ability in the game, and one person is the moderator that directs the game. The two basic teams are werewolves and villagers, with the winner being the team that can survive until the end. The best thing about this game? You can play with a large group, up to 30 players!

Where to get it from? Amazon!

Jungle Speed

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Want something challenging? This game is the most difficult and intense game of Snap you will ever play. The collection of cards features patterns with only slight variations. All players have a pile of cards they are trying to lose, and together everyone turns over a card in front of them. If two are identical, those two players race to grab the totem at the center of the table. But if you grab the totem when your card is different, you’ll be forced to add more cards to your deck. This is a fun, high-energy family game for up to 10 players.

Where to get it from? Walmart

Pluckin’ Pairs

This game is fun and simple. Lay out 11 cards on the table and put those cards into pairs on your paper, one card will be left out at the end. The trick is to make pairs that match up with the others you are playing with, as well as leaving the same card out that other players left out. The fun is in the crazy combinations of cards you and your family make, as well as, the quest to find out who thinks like you the most. It’s a different kind of compatibility game, for four to eight players.

Where to get it from? Amazon!

Pin The Tail on The Turkey

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Not really into board games? Maybe you’re more into games that require a bit more of physical activity. Pin The Tail on The Turkey is fun, simple, and probably the cheapest game. All you need is some construction paper, tape, scissors, and a pin. Make a brightly colored turkey tail from the construction paper and a turkey body that can be taped to the wall. Blindfold the participants, spin them around and give each a chance to pin the tail on the turkey. The first person to pin the tail the closest to the turkey wins!


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