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First Annual Long Beach Architecture Week Presented by Long Beach Home + Living

First Annual Long Beach Architecture Week Presented by Long Beach Home + Living


Long Beach Home + Living is thrilled to present Long Beach Architecture Week 2019, a series of tours, events and educational opportunities that celebrate architecture, promote preservation, sustainability, and new developments.  Participants can expect both experiential events and learning opportunities geared toward a broad community of both architecture and city of Long Beach enthusiast. Long Beach Architecture Week will be presented concurrently with a special issue of Long Beach Home + Living Magazine dedicated to celebrating the incredible history, diversity, and future of the architectural environment in our city.

As all great cities do, Long Beach is changing and expanding. Right now, the city is experiencing one of the greatest building booms in its history.  Long Beach Home + Living is offering the opportunity for residents and visitors to experience the city as a living organism through its cherished, historic buildings that anchor the community. Rehabilitated, restored and newly built structures that will change how Long Beach looks and feels. The Long Beach Home + Living Architecture Issue will delve into historic structures and their stories, including the Art Deco building boom on the heels of the 1933 earthquake and the new building boom that promises to create the iconic buildings of the city’s future. The new Civic Center project is a perfect example.

Long Beach Architecture Week will give community members the opportunity to explore important structures in our city through educational talks, exciting tours, and community events.

Proposed tours include an Art Deco Bus Tour through downtown with Art Deco Expert John Thomas who is currently working with the preservation team at the Queen Mary. A walking tour of homes by noted craftsman bungalow builder Minor Smith with CSULB Professor Norbert Schurer.  The week will culminate in a signature tour of iconic high rise buildings that shape the Long Beach skyline. We are working to provide participants with unprecedented access to some of the most important buildings in Long Beach. Talks on historic architecture, preservation, and new and noteworthy building projects in Long Beach promise to enhance the week’s experiences.

We are grateful to have the amazing community collaborators for Long Beach Architecture week, including Studio One Eleven, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Long Beach/South Bay Chapter, Art Deco Expert John Thomas, East Village Association president Joe Harding, Dr. Brian Trimble who developed the popular Modern Home Tour for University Art Museum at CSULB, and many more. We are proud to bring this distinguished group of people and organizations together to provide the community and visitors with unique experiences into important structures and learning opportunities on the architectural environment of our lovely city.

We invite everyone to be part of Long Beach Architecture Week. There are many opportunities to become involved in making the event happen for the community and celebrating this city amazing city so many of us have come to call home.

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  • Can’t access any info. Says my email is already registered but won’t let me in. Please email me at I’m interested in the thoms tour. Also I volunteer for handicapped children and adults who might be very interested in the Rhims tour. Need prices and scedule

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