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Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Time for a Digital Detox

Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Time for a Digital Detox


Our modern lives are only made possible by the advancement and growth of technology. Thankfully, we have the power to stay connected, share our stories, learn, and even make money by working online – even amidst a world-halting pandemic. 

But, our relationship with technology isn’t perfect. From frantically scanning the news to the uncontrollable desire to check social media every few minutes, our habits with the digital world don’t always enhance our lives. In fact, our digital addictions can lead to increased stress, depression, anxiety, and emotional numbness. 

So, if constantly checking your phone feels more like a mindless reaction than a choice, it’s time for a digital detox. Here’s how to unplug!

How to Enjoy a Digital Detox

First, lay the ground rules.
Before you get started with your detox, decide on the boundaries. Having these decisions made before starting your detox can help you stay on track and on top. 

How long will you disconnect for? A day, a week, longer?

What digital sources will you remove (TV programs, certain apps, computer, tech in general)?

What will be allowed? 

What will you do instead of spending time online?

Eliminate common distractions.
Based on your needs, you may decide to detox from your social media apps, email notifications, or screens in general for a certain amount of time.Eliminate distractions by turning off notifications or deleting apps entirely for this detox period. In the days leading up to your detox, motivate yourself by taking the extra time to unsubscribe from newsletters and emails you no longer wish to receive.  

Keep friends and family in the loop.
We are used to being able to connect with all our contacts in many different ways. Be sure to tell any friends or family members how to best reach you during your detox.

Detox even in your sleep.
Did you know that too much screen time can affect you even after you’ve turned in for the night? On any given night, be sure to turn off electronic screens (like TV, laptops, and phones) at least an hour before bed to get the best rest possible. While on your digital detox, it’s a good idea to turn off any electronics you’re still using even earlier. 

Spend your time more wisely.
Now, the fun part starts! Without all your digital distractions, you are free to spend your time on more productive, enjoyable things. Be more focused on your work, get creative with a new hobby, exercise more regularly, and spend time with your loved ones face-to-face. Now is a great time to start a meditation practice to improve your brain health and function even better.

Detox and De-Stress
A digital detox is a simple way to return to yourself. Take a step back from the online life and enjoy living in the moment that’s right in front of you!

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