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Fast and Fit: The Best Ways to Sweat in Long Beach

Fast and Fit: The Best Ways to Sweat in Long Beach


Staying fit is one of the best ways we can maintain our health and boost our immune system. While your favorite gyms and fitness studios may have recently shut their doors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, there are still plenty of ways to get your sweat on in Long Beach. Explore the city in new ways or support local businesses through their closures by moving your body and staying fit!

The Best Ways to Exercise in Long Beach in Spring 2020

Photo: Sal Flores-Trimble

Walk or Run up Hill Street

East Hill Street is known for its intense incline. Thankfully, this offers the perfect place to stretch your legs and build some muscle. Whether you choose to walk or run, be sure to go both up and down the hill. Going downhill activates different sets of muscles and keeps your workout balanced.



Karl Garske (Kgarske (talk)) / CC BY

Exercise with a View

Head to Bluff Park on Ocean Boulevard right next to the Long Beach Museum of Art. The Bluff can be used in a variety of ways to help you stay in shape. Simply walking or jogging can make for a decent workout. If you’re looking for something more intense, do lunges, squats, or even sprints or incorporate some “box jumps” using the benches around.


Long Beach Fitness – At Home

Long Beach is home to many amazing gyms and fitness studios. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, these studios have closed but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep us sweating. Many gyms are now offering online classes to help you stay in shape right at home.

Stretch and flex with Free SpiritYoga’s or Kava Yoga’s virtual sessions. Get fit with HIIT at Park East Fitness’sonline workout sessions. Or, go all in with a 6-week online salsa course through Latin Dance!



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