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Fall Refresh DIY: Easy Fixes You Can Do This Weekend

Fall Refresh DIY: Easy Fixes You Can Do This Weekend


Fall DIY is the new spring cleaning!

A fresh new season is headed our way and now is a great time to freshen up our homes. Along with a fresh fall clean, why not get creative? Whether you have a weekend, a few hours, or even a few minutes there is a DIY that will bring a fresh new coziness to your Long Beach home.

Declutter and Organize a Space…or Two

Decluttering a space is a great way to freshen up your home a welcome in a new season. Removing unnecessary items automatically makes a space feel lighter and cleaner and will motivate you to move on to other parts of your home. Then, once you’ve tackled the decluttering, take the time to assess what you are keeping and look for appropriate and beautiful storage containers that will help you keep everything organized and easily accessible. If the space needs paint touch-up or a refresh clean, now’s a great time to do that as well.

Get Painting

Everyone says that something as easy and inexpensive as painting a room can make a big impact – and it’s true. Paint a whole room, an accent wall, or try designing a simple mural. If painting a wall or a room doesn’t inspire you, find a piece of furniture or lamp base that needs a fresh update.

Replace Cabinet Hardware and Light Switch Plates

If you’re not quite ready to replace your cabinets but you do want a new look, start with replacing the hardware. You can also replace your light switch plates and outlet covers for a similar fresh feel. Over the years these tend to get dirty, greasy, dusty, discolored and even mismatched without noticing.

Hang a New Art Piece

Hanging a new photo or art piece is a great space refresh. You might have something that’s been hidden away waiting to make a comeback or maybe you’ve been eyeing a new piece of art that you’d love to purchase. Take a drive out to a favorite thrift store or antique mall to find something that speaks to you. There’s nothing like the feeling of perusing ideas online and making something yourself and then hanging it up.

Refresh Your Flooring

Let’s not forget that updating our floors can make a tremendous impact as well. Something as simple as adding a rug can add warmth and a design element to a room. Depending on the room, you can add peel and stick flooring, paint a concrete floor, paint a tile floor or even refreshing the existing grout will make tile look new.


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