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Easy and Affordable Weeknight Takeout Meals in Long Beach

Easy and Affordable Weeknight Takeout Meals in Long Beach


Who else is feeling the Back to School stress? Getting the kids ready every morning, packing a lunch, answering constant emails asking for volunteers and donations… It’s practically a full time job! I know there are some days that are so busy, the last thing I’m in the mood to do is cook dinner. And don’t even get me started on the heat wave we’ve been having. No thank you to having the oven on! But takeout can add up quickly, so I’ve put together a few of our favorite affordable takeout places in Long Beach that are perfect for week nights when you don’t want to cook. Don’t forget to check back for more great content, brought to you by Long Beach Home + Living and ExploreLongBeach !


Photo by Rubio’s

Rubio’s on 2nd street is one of the most affordable places for getting takeout for kids. Their kids meals start at $5.99 and you can choose from a chicken or cheese quesadilla, burrito, taco plate, or a chicken, bean, and cheese rice bowl. They each include a drink and 2 sides with options like chips, rice, a churro, or beans. I usually just grab an extra kids meal for myself because it’s such a great deal. If you’re looking for something family-style, Rubio’s has yummy taco kits or burrito boxes for $40 too. They also have $2 beers on Fridays if you’re in the mood to dine in for dinner!

Urban Plates

Photo by Urban Plates

If you’re looking for a farm-fresh meal that’s kid-friendly but still affordable, Urban Plates is for you. Choose from a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, chicken tenders, or full plates that include traditional meats and sides, with prices starting at just $11. They also offer family style meals that come with bread and sides of your choosing, as well as kids’ meals. They use fresh organic ingredients, cage-free chicken, and everything is made fresh. Don’t forget to add one of their tasty desserts!


Photo by Doghaus

Make it a hot dog and hamburger night without the stress of dealing with different toppings for each person in your family. Doghaus has classic hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, sliders, hot dogs, corn dogs, and more. Sliders start at just $2.49, and you can also buy take and bake slider packs to go that include 24 burger sliders, pastrami sliders, or impossible sliders. Add some sides of their signature aiolis to kick it up a notch.

Rance’s Pizza

Photo by Rance’s

If you’re craving pizza but you’re over the bland-tasting delivery chains, you need to try Rance’s. They‘re known for their incredible deep dish options with fresh, gourmet toppings. Before you check out their website and get sticker shock, I’m going to warn you that their deep dish options are on the pricey side, but they’re so thick that you’ll only need half as many pizzas as you’d normally order from somewhere like Domino’s. And the taste is worth it! One last warning: the deep dish pizzas take about an hour to cook so you need to call ahead to place your order.

Georgia’s Restaurant

Photo by Georgia’s

Gourmet comfort soul food! I love Georgia’s because we can eat there on a budget with one of their deliciously seasoned buckets of chicken with corn bread side and a mac and cheese side for just over $40. But we can also splurge some nights on their family bucket for $75, which includes fried chicken bucket and half dozen of catfish, house salad, and half dozen corn bread, plus three large soulful sides. Their food is great for the cozy fall vibes that we’re all anticipating and they have some tasty desserts too!

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