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Best Desserts in Long Beach

Best Desserts in Long Beach



We all get them from time to time, that late night (and not so late night) craving for something sweet. For some, this craving passes from time to time, while for others, this is a daily occurrence. Whether you’re a sweets lover or just need a sudden fix for your sweet tooth, here are some of our favorite Long Beach desserts.

Long Beach Creamery

whiskey vanilla

A Long Beach classic, Long Beach Creamery has some of the best ice cream in all of Los Angeles County. The Creamery has very interesting and unique flavors that make you question its deliciousness but just trust them, they know what they’re doing. A favorite of ours is the Whiskey Vanilla ice cream, which will totally satisfy your sweet tooth.

Snow Monster

Macaroons: Fruity pebbles, Ice Cream: Browned Butter

Snow Monster was and continues to be a local favorite since first opening its doors in Long Beach last summer. The ice cream shop takes a unique approach with its ice cream sandwich (it is basically an ice cream sandwich with macaroons). There are a lot of options on the menu, but one that stuck out to us was the fruity pebbles macaroon with browned butter ice cream (no explanation needed). They also have different board games for you to be entertained as you’re slurping and eating all your goods. 

The Funnel House 

The funnel House is another favorite of ours, located in Rainbow Harbor between Yardhouse and Parker’s Lighthouse. Their funnel cakes, churros, and sundaes are all handmade right in front of you! While you can get some pretty elaborate desserts, like the sundae above, you can also get a simple churro, which is just as satsifying. After you’ve received your dessert, relax and take in the gorgeous views of downtown Long Beach, the harbor, and the Queen Mary.

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The Pie Bar

The Pie Bar has become a staple here in Long Beach. Located in downtown, The Pie Bar has some of the best pies in the whole city. Their unique twist is that you can get a pie jar, which is exactly what it sounds like, a pie in a jar. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, try the pie shots. You’ll receive 4 different flavored pies in shot glasses, perfect for sampling. Our pie pick is the banana creme pie, but all their pies are handmade from scratch and delicious.


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