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Belmont Shore’s Chocolate Festival will provide a local sweet retreat this weekend

Belmont Shore’s Chocolate Festival will provide a local sweet retreat this weekend

Maisie Vilchis

Indulge in Belmont Shores Chocolate Festival this Saturday. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of chocolate treats, sweets and drinks from over 25 participating businesses while enjoying live music, contests and fun for people of all ages.

Photo provided by Joshua Michael Orr

Second street will become a sweet stroll featuring several Long Beach businesses like Belmont Shore’s Cinnaholic who will be selling baby buns, brownie bites, cookie dough bites and more. Roe, a restaurant located on 2nd Street will be selling Noir Chocolate Mousseline Cake along with a glass of Prosecco to of age buyers.


Unlike past chocolate festivals, guests have the opportunity this year to purchase drink tickets to buy alcoholic beverages from vendors like LB Tap House.


LB Tap House will offer an array of drinks like their small pour Maui Brewing Company Coconut Hiwa Porter, and their Mother Earth Cali Creamin Nitro. They will also be selling a shot size glass pour of their chocolate martini, a Valentine’s Day special only available through February. 

Photo by Joshua Michael Orr

As for entertainment, face painting will be available in front of Sweet Threads located off of Second Street and Park Ave and walking along Second Street you will find live entertainment from several different bands and soloists scattered along the sidewalks. Tickets can also be used for participating retailers to enter raffles and get special discounts.


Hof’s Hut will be hosting a pie eating contest where contestants will compete to see who can eat an individual size chocolate pie the fastest. Anyone interested in competing from the age of six and up can sign up on Corona Ave. In front of the Chase Bank to participate in their age group. 

Photo by Joshua Michael Orr

If you fancy yourself a chef consider signing up for the homemade chocolate dessert contest. It cost $10.00 per dessert entry but is free for students and minors to enter.


Pick up your tasting tickets beginning at 11 a.m. on Feb. 11, the day of the event in front of Chase Bank, Shore Business Center, Blue Windows and Beach on 2nd Street. Tickets are sold in booklets of 12 for $15.00. 

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The event will take place from noon to 4 p.m. and a map of the participating businesses will be available at the event. 


For more information and to enter the homemade dessert contest please visit


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