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A Sneak Peak Inside a Leprechaun’s Pantry

A Sneak Peak Inside a Leprechaun’s Pantry


Coming up with festive party treats to celebrate with family and friends can be tough–and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you have your green t-shirt ready or not, here are some fun and easy ways to be prepared to enjoy some fresh St. Patty’s Day ready appetizers!

The first all-diet friendly option are Shamrock Veggie Skewers. They’re super simple to make: just grab your favorite green veggies, a shamrock shaped food cutter, and some skewers to put together a healthy snack for the whole family.


Another fun and eye-catching snack are Shamrock chips. The kids will love the shape and color and adults will love the equally as festive green guacamole you can pair them with to make a quick St. Patty’s day welcoming treat.


While you have the food dye, why not buy a couple dozen eggs and shake it up a little by making a common party snack into an Irish day treat. Dye your eggs green and turn them into Irish Deviled eggs!


Or get a little sweet and make some quick grab-and-go’s for the kids to keep them from pinching each other for not wearing green. Rice krispies are always a fan favorite. Feel free to add your own special touch, but just sprinkle them with a little green and you’re good to go!


A fresh fruit salad with green apples, kiwis, and green grapes, is great for the springtime and is always a favorable, refreshing finger food.


A creamy side dish you can always add is a food-coloring free mac n’ cheese. Just add broccoli florets, peas, and spinach to make a lucky–and healthy–bowl of mac n’ cheese for the kids. Grab a spoonful for good luck!


A fun party popper for the whole crowd is your easy Shamrock Pretzel Pop. Just grab three pretzels a pop with some green colored chocolate to make a festive St. Patty’s day good luck charm.


All of these fast and simple St. Patrick’s day appetizers can help make party planning less of a hassle–not to mention they’re engaging and tasty treats. Whether you’re spending this Irish holiday with friends and family or just a few loved ones, these treats will be the evening’s pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!

By Violet Flores

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