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9Round Fitness in Long Beach Offers Full Body Workouts With No Set Class Times

9Round Fitness in Long Beach Offers Full Body Workouts With No Set Class Times


If you’re looking for a full body workout that changes every day, access to a personal trainer, and flexible workout times, look no further than 9Round Fitness in Naples. Today I’m catching up with 9Round owner Clarissa Singson to find out more about 9Round and what makes it unique.

Photo by Stephanie Gardner

LB LIVING: Have you always worked in fitness?

CLARISSA:I actually come from a corporate background.  I used to work in architecture and design, but I worked out at a 9Round and I loved it.  While I enjoyed my job at the time, I wanted a career where I could contribute something positive to the world.”

LBHL: Why did you choose Long Beach for 9Round? 

C: “I’ve always loved the personality of Long Beach.  It has a different vibe and feels different than other cities.  I also liked the art and the people.  I’ve been here for almost 5 years now.” 

LBHL: What makes 9Round different from other circuit training gyms? 

C: “Other circuit training gyms have a single offering and they specialize in that offering.  At 9Round, there are no set class times, each workout is only 30 minutes, and you get a trainer every time you come in. Each day the workout is different. The trainers demonstrate workouts, facilitate the work out, and help with form to avoid injuries.  It also feels like a family here.  We know all of our clients’ names and where they’re at in their fitness journey.”

Photo by Stephanie Gardner

LBHL: I’m a busy mom and sometimes I can’t get a sitter.  Are kids allowed at 9Round?

C: “Absolutely.  We have clients who bring their kids, we have clients who bring their dogs.  We’re very inclusive here.  Also, kids can work out starting at age 10.  Some clients bring their kids to workout to supplement their sports training.”

LBHL: What makes kick boxing different than regular boxing? 

C: “Kickboxing is a full body workout.  It incorporates core work, cardio, and agility.”

LBHL: How do memberships go? Do people need to sign up for a full year? 

C: “We offer a variety of packages because I wanted to make fitness attainable for anybody.  A lot of people are wanting to feel healthy again after the pandemic, and I want people to feel motivated to come more consistently. My personal goal is heart health, but whatever health looks like to you, we have a package to suit your needs. So, you can sign up for one month at a time, or you can do 6 months, or 12 months.  We’re also offering a 90 days of summer pass that expires after 90 days and will not auto renew.  We offer the first session free so people can get a feel for it.  And then we’re open 7 days a week, and each client gets unlimited sessions with trainers.”

LBHL: Anything else you want to add about 9Round?

C:I want to add that while 9Round is a franchise, I’m still a small business owner.  It’s my time and energy that go into this specific location.  I also hear from people who travel that they like our location the best.  The experience and the interaction makes all the difference.”

Photo by Stephanie Gardner
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