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7 Tips For Your Dog’s Anxiety on New Year’s Eve

7 Tips For Your Dog’s Anxiety on New Year’s Eve


The year has raced by us, yet again, and is now coming to an end. As you plan your New Year’s Eve parties, take into account your pets. It may be a joyous night for you, but for your little guy, it may be a night of anxiety. Much like the fourth of July, New Year’s Eve is full of loud noises that may stress out not only your dogs but cats too. Here are a few ways you can help keep your animals calm and safe this year.


Confine your pets

For animals that are crate trained, it provides a sense of security for them. Let them hide in their crate for the night and cover it with a towel or blanket for extra protection. If your pet is not crate trained, putting them in a crate may scare them further. Put them in a room where they can not hurt themselves or damage your things.


Turn on the Radio or TV

Turning on the TV or radio will not only help muffle the sound, but the constant noise will help distract him. Soothing music will help the most, but turn on the radio or TV a few hours before the festivities begin so your dog can associate the noise with peace and comfort.


Give them exercise

Earlier in the day, make sure to give your dog enough exercise to wear him out. If the dog has less energy, the less he’ll be prone to panic during the fireworks.


Distract them with toys or a treat

Distract your dog or cat by giving them something fun to do. Either give them their favorite treat so they can associate the noise with positive things or give them their favorite chew toy or a kong filled with peanut butter to keep them busy.


Speak with your veterinarian

If you have a cat or dog that is overly anxious, let them help you. The coming holiday will only heighten your pet’s nerves.


Leave the neighborhood

If you live on a particularly loud street and don’t have much planned, consider going somewhere quiet and peaceful for the night.


Keep Calm

It is important to keep calm during the festivities to not over excite your dog. If you’re having guests over, keep the party away from them as people tend to get excited around dogs and cats, which can create more stress. Don’t forget to pet them and talk to them in a soothing tone.


Good luck, and Happy New Year!

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