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6 Ways You Can Save On Storage

6 Ways You Can Save On Storage


Owning a smaller home definitely has its perks, you save on rent/mortgage, cleaning is less daunting, and heating and cooling becomes cheaper. The list goes on, but one drawback is the lack of storage. It’s good to rid ourselves of unneeded clutter that happens to pile up over time, but what about the things we do need? Ask any New Yorker; storage is probably one of their biggest struggles, but they seem to find a way. Here we will teach you six simple ways in which you can save on space.

  1. Add shelves to existing fixtures

Cabinets, for the most part, provide more room than are used. This is because of the way they are designed. By adding shelves to an already existing cabinet will allow for more storage. Adding vertical dividers to kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing cooking trays and pot lids. You can also glue/screw/nail vertical paper tray holders to the inside of kitchen cabinet doors to hold packaged items like garbage bags, foil, and plastic bags.

  1. Double duty

Living in a smaller home, you can’t afford to have furniture that doesn’t have a dual purpose. For example, a bench in the entryway that acts as an umbrella or boot holder. In the living room, an ottoman that can store blankets and other linens or a trunk for a coffee table that you can flip up and use for additional storage.

  1. Use baskets and boxes

Using baskets or boxes are not only great for storage, but can spruce up your decor. They’re perfect for storing jewelry on top of dressers or top of counters for kitchen items. Find boxes or baskets that fit your decor and you can add them to bookcases, coffee tables, and even armoires.

  1. Think outside the box

Just because an item is used in that room doesn’t mean it has to stay there. For example, your holiday dishes don’t have to stay in your kitchen year round, taking up space. Carefully wrap your dishes and store them in a hall closet or under the bed. If you’re not much of a cook, you can take inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw and store your shoes (or other items) in your oven, but remember they are in there before you turn it on.

  1. Clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins are life savers. You can stuff them full of items and then stack them. When it comes time to retrieve those items, the bins are clear so you can see where they are. You can even try this in the kitchen, store and stack all your dry food that is not used often.

  1. Raise the bed

Your bed takes up much of your bedroom, so why not use it for storage. If you have a low sitting bed, you can purchase bed risers from any Target or Walmart. You can also purchase bed frames with built drawers. It’s time to utilize this extra space.

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