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5 Tips to Prevent Fall Allergies Before Summer Ends

5 Tips to Prevent Fall Allergies Before Summer Ends


As we head into autumn, many of us are looking forward to brightly colored leaves and cooler air. But, with autumn often comes annoying red and teary eyes, sniffles, sneezing, and itchy throat. Those dreaded fall allergies can be prevented, however, if we start boosting our immune systems while it’s still summer. Let’s find out how!

5 Tips to Prevent Fall Allergies Before Summer Ends

The key to preventing fall allergies later is to boost your immune system strong ahead of time (that means now!). Prepare to prevent with these simple wellness tips:

Load up on fresh fruits and veggies.
We all know that fruits and veggies are at the top of the list when trying to improve overall health and for good reason. They provide nutrients that boost immune function and are rich in antioxidants (which fight the oxidative stress that causes other health issues as well).

Supplement with vitamins and antioxidants.
The top three antioxidant vitamins are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These can help to stimulate the immune system’s responsiveness while also improving your overall health. After visiting the produce department and sticking up on antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, add a quality multivitamin with immune support to your daily routine. 


Keep it moving with exercise.
Intense exercise can actually be detrimental to your immune system, but moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk, a light hike, swimming, or a leisurely bike ride gives your immune system a boost. Even better, moderate exercise may also reduce inflammation and help immune cells to regenerate on a regular basis.

Prioritize sleep.
Since sleep and immunity are closely linked, inadequate or poor-quality sleep greatly affects your immune system. This can lead to a greater chance of becoming ill or developing those pesky allergies. Getting the restful sleep you need may help to strengthen your natural immunity. Aiming for 7 or more hours of sleep a night to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

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Detox your home.
Breathing clean air indoors can greatly reduce the number of allergens you are exposed to and help to keep allergy symptoms at bay. Keep your home and workplace clean and dust-free by making sure that ventilation and heating systems are clean. Don’t forget to also replace filters regularly. Reducing the amount of smoke, fumes, mold, mildew, and pet hair in your environment will also help to reduce allergy symptoms in the coming months.  


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