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5 Reason to Use a Real Estate Agent

5 Reason to Use a Real Estate Agent


When buying or selling a home, people like to save money in every way possible. Proceeding to buy or sell a home without a real estate may seem like you’re saving money, but in the long run you’ll give yourself a headache and may actually be spending more. Here are five reasons you should still use a real estate agent:


  1. Finding the right home

You want a pool, with a gazebo, and an open floor plan, all within your budget. Finding a home with everything you want within a reasonable price range may be a daunting task for someone who is not trained in the field or doesn’t have the right resources. Real estate agents know the area and what’s available on the market. Also, agents have access to homes that may not be advertised actively. Some sellers put their homes on the market in private for different reasons, but unless you were an agent, you’d have no idea these homes were for sale.


  1. Tackling the paperwork

The paperwork alone is a reason enough to hire an agent. The amount of paperwork that goes into buying or selling a home can drive a person mad, let the professionals handle it. An agent is trained in this field and knows exactly what you need. Also, your odds of skipping a step or missing a signature drop significantly when you use an agent.


  1. Agent knowledge

This is a real estate agent’s profession, he or she know the ins and outs of specific neighborhoods, codes, and regulations. If you want a good neighborhood with a school nearby, but also close enough to the ocean, an agent, most times, will know of an exact neighborhood perfect for you. If you find a home and want to add an extra bedroom or a deck or a pool, agents will make sure you are buying the correct property that allows such upgrades. Agents also should know if cities have certain requirements that must be done in order to sell, like hooking up an old home to the city sewer system.


  1. Negotiation

Agents are trained in the art of negotiation, it’s part of their job. Also, agents know how to negotiate without getting emotionally involved. Trying to negotiate a home repair that may cost the buyer thousands, can turn ugly if the seller won’t budge. The agent is there to calmly and professionally persuade the seller into the buyer’s requests, or vice versa. Seller’s are also likely to take negotiations more seriously if they are done by the real estate professional.


  1. Closing

As you may know, in the final hours before closing, anything can go wrong. Also the closing process can be long and tedious. Your realtor will be there for you helping you through each step of the way. Your agent is also there for you after closing, as complications can still arise months later. Tax assessments, doc stamps or transfer tax can fall months behind, but with one call to your agent, everything can be sorted.

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