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5 Open House Hacks That’ll Sell Your Home

5 Open House Hacks That’ll Sell Your Home


Before the open house frenzy starts, you should begin to prep your home by giving it a deep clean, organizing it, and maybe adding a few extra pieces of furniture. This is all great and should be done, but one thing that many sellers don’t realize is the exterior of their home is the selling point. Whether people are looking at photos online or driving by, the presentation of your home is what can turn people into potential buyers. We’ve all learned not to judge a book by its cover, but this is not the case. Everyone will be judging your home by its cover. Here are five open house hacks that will sell your home before the buyers come knocking.

  1. Paint your front door

You may not have the time or the money to paint your entire home, so why not opt for something smaller. The front door of your home is like the eyes to a face, it’s the first thing people look at. Giving your door a fresh coat of paint is cheap and can give your home the facelift it needs.

  1. Fake a ‘just landscaped’ landscape

If you don’t have the time to re-landscape your whole front yard, you can fake the look by adding mulch around in-ground plants to give your home a fresh look. You should also trim any overgrown trees or plants. If you also don’t have time to get to all your shrubbery, trim the ones that look overgrown or that are obstructing views of the house.

  1. Greet them with fresh flowers

On the day of your open house, add fresh flowers to a pot and set them out front. This will make your home look more welcoming and inviting. The fresh flowers will also distract your potential buyers from other flaws that you may have not had time to get to. Also, keep the flowers related to the season.

  1. Spruce up the mailbox

Our mailboxes can become weathered and unsightly over the years, yet still go unnoticed because they are not a major accessory of our homes. If you mailbox is rusty and gross it may be time for a new one, but some may just need a fresh coat of paint. You can even match the color to the front door, adding that little accent of color.

  1. Tie is altogether

Adding a fresh new welcome mat will clean up the look of your home, but before you do that you should get a new door knob, knocker, and porch light, that match. Having these matching pieces will tie everything together, giving you home a complete and finished look. You want to make your potential buyers fall in love with your home before they even walk in the door.

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