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5 Common Traits of Long Beach Residents

5 Common Traits of Long Beach Residents


They Love their ‘90s music

The #Sublime style still straight from Long Beach

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Out-of-towners might not remember that music icons Sublime and Snoop Dogg hail from Long Beach, but residents sure have not forgotten about them. Walk into any bar playing their jams and you’ll be sure to see everyone singing along.

They love their Pets

Take a stroll down any Long Beach neighborhood and you’ll be sure to see residents out and about walking their dogs or see their cats hanging out around the house. Long Beach is also home to Rosie’s Dog Beach, one of the only places where dogs can legally play off-leash on the beach.  

They Love their Cultured food

Long Beach is one of the most diverse cities in America, and with that diversity comes some great food. From Greek food to Mexican to Thai to the classic chicken and waffles residents don’t shy away from good food. Chances are residents know exactly what to order from every place.

They Love their Race Cars

A staple of Long Beach is the annual Grand Prix that draws over 200,000 people to the race track in downtown. And it is the longest-running event of its kind in the U.S. It’s safe to say fast cars belong in Long Beach.

They love their Street Art

If you have ever visited Long Beach chances are you noticed a few art murals around the city. Long Beach street murals are a part of the Long Beach culture and its residents. The annual pow-wow features street artist bringing new creations to buildings around the city, and yeah its kind of a big deal.  

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