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5 Best Veggies to Buy at the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market

5 Best Veggies to Buy at the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market


Summer just isn’t the same without a weekly trip to the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market. The market offers Thankfully, the folks at the LBDFM are well-prepared to keep us shopping safely this summer. In fact, supporting local famers and shopping at the market can pose less of a risk to shoppers than a more crowded grocery store, so let’s get shopping!

5 Delicious Veggies to Find at the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market

By the summer solstice, there are plenty of healthy and vibrant veggies ready to be found at the farmer’s market. Here are some of our favorites!

  1. Asparagus: July often sees a good asparagus harvest and you may be seeing some lovely stalks at the market. Asparagus is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is a lovely accompaniment to grilled meats or fish. Don’t forget to pick up a few lemons to give your asparagus a tasty zing.

2. Beans and Peas: Fresh snap peas and green beans are ready to go at the farmer’s market. These make an excellent snack to pair with hummus or dressing, as well as a                                       healthy addition to stir fries or soups.

  1. Greens: There are tons of hearty and tender greens to choose from at the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market. Pick up the typical leaf lettuce and spinach or try a range of different California greens.

  1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes often offer a summer bounty here in California. By now, they are showing up at the market bright red and ready to be eaten! Try them raw with a California olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette or cook them down for a light summer pasta.

  1. Chile Peppers: Try to find some hot and spicy (or mild!) chile peppers at the market to freshen up your weekday meals. A few slices of peppers can invigorate fish tacos or give a burger an extra kick. Plus, chile peppers are great for the immune system and help improve circulation.


2020 Changes to Shopping the Long Beach Downtown Farmer’s Market

To comply with state mandates and CDC guidelines, the LBDFM is asking all shoppers to maintain social distancing practices and wear a mask to the market. In addition, you can visit their site to pre-order your farm favorites for pick-up and avoid the crowds.

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