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Tips for Hosting a Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Gathering

Tips for Hosting a Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Gathering


With the holiday season on our heels, it’s time to think about how we can celebrate safely. For many of us, the holidays are one of the only times of year when we can connect with our family and friends. But with the coronavirus pandemic still a very real concern, our 2020 holiday celebrations need to continue to put our health first.

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving virtually or planning on gathering with your family and friends this year, here are a few simple tips to keep the festivities fun – and safe!

When You’re Staying Home

  • Plan a Bake-Off
    Want to enjoy baking and cooking with family and friends that are staying at home? Organize a virtual bake off! Agree on a favorite Thanksgiving dessert (go traditional with pumpkin pie or try something new!) ahead of time and then log into your favorite video conferencing app to bake together. You can even host a competition to see whose dessert comes out looking the best!
  • Host a Virtual Cocktail or Coffee Hour
    Eating Thanksgiving dinner in front of your computer screen may not be the best way to enjoy your holiday feast. Instead, celebrate with family far away with either a pre-dinner cocktail hour or an after-dinner coffee meet-up. Share your favorite memories of this wild year while sipping and saying thanks together.


When You’re Gathering Safely

  • Go Small
    If you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or family this year, keep the guest list small. Staying safely distanced is key to avoiding the spread of Covid-19, so fewer people makes for a safer gathering. Set the table with plenty of space between each guest.
  • Make Sanitizing Stations
    Whipping up Thanksgiving dinner is never a tidy experience, and this year we want to make sure that we are staying extra careful and clean. Set up multiple sanitizing stations for your family and guests around the house complete with hand sanitizer, paper towels, and clean masks if needed.


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This year has been difficult for most of us, but there is still plenty to celebrate. Toast to the season, to your friends near and far, and to your health and safety!


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