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10 Signs That You Live in Long Beach

10 Signs That You Live in Long Beach


1. You walk by tons of people practicing yoga on the bluff overlooking the ocean and every time, you think, “I need to come by and do it ”

But you know you’ll never go, because you always see it on your way to brunch.

2. Can’t remember the last time you visited the Queen Mary just to go.

Unless of course you are going to Dark Harbor or Chill

3. You rather pay extra to fly out of Long Beach Airport than try your luck with LAX traffic.

Because who doesn’t love a fast an efficient airport.

4. You have attended at least one drag show in town.

A show at Hamburger Mary’s is a must  with your girlfriends.

5. You sneak in booze when you go see movies at the beach in the summer.

And you know you never really watch the movie.. but that’s besides the point.

6. You have seen and been drunk at the Long Beach Pride Parade

Because who doesn’t like to celebrate fabulousness?

7. You know to never go to Downtown during Grand Prix

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Unless you want to be stuck in a never ending circle trying to find parking and dealing with drunk tourists.

8. You have come to the conclusion that no one really knows how to drive in the Traffic Circle

No one uses their signals and treat it as a fun ride.

9. You know all the vegetarian/vegan eateries around town

And let’s not get into all the juice bars you pass on your way to work.

10. You have given any hope of ever finding parking, so you try to never move your car unless it’s some kind of emergency.

Because doesn’t matter what day it is.. parking always sucks.

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