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Resources to Ease the Transition Back into School Mode

Resources to Ease the Transition Back into School Mode


Don’t you hate when articles throw in the word “random” to get clicks when it’s not actually that random?  Well I promise you, these resources will actually be random!  We have quite the mixed bag of resources that I think will be helpful for parents and kids who are easing Back into School mode.  From snack tips to parenting tips to fitness, here’s some of my fav local resources.

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The Grocery Outlet

Who else feels like all their kids do is eat?!  I know I’m constantly buying snacks, and they add up!  The Grocery Outlet is a great place to stock up without breaking the bank.  Think of an but for food.  The downside is that The Grocery Outlet doesn’t always have the same things every time, but if you go in with an open mind and you know what your kids like, you can get a month’s worth of snacks for less than $100, including several organic options.  I go here before I hit our regular grocery stores and cross whatever I can off my list, like maybe I’ll grab the organic tortilla chips I find here instead of pita chips at Costco, or a snack cracker instead of goldfish at Ralphs.  The extra trip is worth all the money I save.


Parent Coach Mary Van Geffen

You don’t have to be struggling to benefit from a parent coach.  I love Mary Van Geffen’s instagram because I learn ways I can improve my relationship with my kids and communicate with them better.   Her instagram is a wealth of knowledge and she has great back to school tips too.  Even kids that were excited to go back can face struggles with the transitions and busier days.  I’ve noticed mine have way more meltdowns after they get home from school.  I have personally booked some sessions with Mary after my preschool’s director recommended her to me, and they really changed the way I look at things when I’m with the kids.  But even if you don’t book sessions, everyone can benefit from her posts and stories. She is my best kept secret, and now I’m sharing her with all of you.  I’ve linked her ig below.


Long Beach Pizza Co

Another one of my secrets I’m sharing!  Weeknights during the school year are busy, and sometimes I don’t want to cook.  Long Beach Pizza Co is one of my favorite places for takeout because I can get great quality pizza at an affordable price.  We also love to dine out here sometimes on Fridays to celebrate the week ending and give ourselves a break.  The vibes are really chill, and we can get pizza for the 4 of us, lemonades for the kids, and a couple beers for us adults for less than $50 after tip.  Even their craft beers are a great price too.


Yoga on the Bluff

The yoga on the bluff occurs daily at 11 am.  It’s donation based, so can be free if you don’t have anything to donate, or you can give $5-10 if you are doing okay financially.  This is a great local resource for either moms or dads who need to decompress, but also for families!  Kids have a lot going on these days, and they can benefit from a yoga sesh too.  My kids are young and can’t focus for the whole hour, but sometimes we’ll go and do part of a session and then go play at the park across the street when the kids lose focus.  Link is below for more details!


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More Summer Vibes

If you’re still craving those summer vibes with all the fun events, you can have that feeling!  Long Beach has a ton of monthly events that bring people out of their homes and into the streets.  Most of them have food trucks, art, live music, and more.  I’m adding some links for them below:

Fourth Fridays on Fourth Street (the 4th Friday of the month) – Follow 4thStreetLB for details on upcoming events:

First Fridays in Bixby Knolls (the first Friday of the month) – Follow BixbyKnolls for details on upcoming events:

Third Fridays on Pine (the third Thursday of the month) – Follow LBHomeLiving for details on upcoming events (you know you already do!):

LB Run Club (if you run, or walk, or very slowly walk a 5k with the run club, you get happy hour prices all night at the participating bar of the week) – Follow LBRunClub for details:

And don’t forget to follow LBHomeLiving and ExploreLongBeach for any upcoming events that aren’t recurring!  We’ll keep you in the know!

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