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Summer Skin Health Basics for Life in Long Beach

Summer Skin Health Basics for Life in Long Beach


Sunny summer days are here, and for many of us that means enjoying long days in the sun, wind, or humidity. A safe summer means smart skin care, right from day one. Here are a few simple routines and tips to keep your skin healthy and vibrant all season long. 

Daily Skin Care: Morning

Set your skin up for success by cleansing with a gentle cleanser first thing in the morning. This washes away any impurities or oil that accumulated over night. This is also a great time to exfoliate if you notice any dry patches.

Next, tone your skin with a natural toner and hydrate with an oil-free moisturizer to prevent excess oil from building throughout the day. If you tend to spend time by the windy beach, consider a slightly heavier moisturizer or facial serum to prevent your skin from getting dried out.

Finally, protect your skin with a final layer of SPF 30 cream.

Additional Sun Care

You’ve prepped your skin, but you’ll likely need some help as the day goes on. In addition to reapplying your SPF cream, a protective mineral powder can be a simple and convenient way to keep your skin protected all day long. These powders provide UVA/UVB protection and are easily dusted on the face over makeup.

Don’t forget your lips! The skin on your lips is delicate and vulnerable to summer sun damage. Use an SPF 30 lip balm through the day.

Daily Skin Care: Evening

We’ll start the evening routine by cleansing away the dirt and grime of the day. Then, apply toner once again to sooth the skin and heal the outer skin layers from any sun exposure.

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Moisturize your skin with either an oil-free serum for oily skin or a heavier, more nourishing cream for dry or aging skin. Seek out products with antioxidant ingredients like vitamins C and E.

Healthy Summer Skin

Healthy summer skin starts with protection and prevention. Take care to adjust your skincare routine to the changes in the season and be sure to enjoy the extra self-care!

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