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Salud Juice: Not a Diet, a Lifestyle

Salud Juice: Not a Diet, a Lifestyle

Written and Photographed by Cassidy Liston

We have made it a whole month into the new year. Between the constant breaking news and updating Covid-19 numbers, it has been quite the month indeed. I do have one question for you: how is that new year’s resolution going? On an average year, resolutions only last a few weeks maybe a month if you are lucky, but I can imagine this year is harder than ever. One of the reasons resolutions just do not stick, is they are drastic! Do not fear though, because if your goal was to eat healthier this year I have got a place that will make meeting your health goals easier than you think.

Salud Juice is a trendy little spot on the corner of Cherry and 4th right in the mix of 4th’s “Retro Row”. When the juicer first opened it occupied the smaller unit in their current building, but quickly expanded to the airy, open, and much larger corner spot. Thanks to the mild Southern California weather, their large windows are almost always open, letting fresh air breeze through the ever-growing collection of plants all around the store. The word with Salud is convenient. Inside, you’ll find a grab and go filled with freshly made salads and juices, as well as some niche items like canned hemp water. If you’re in a rush, this set up makes it easy to grab a quick lunch or a juice for the road and be on your merry way in minutes. I have always been a fan of pre-made salads, the king of 30min lunch breaks everywhere, but as anyone who has grabbed a ready-made meal knows, there is risk involved. While that might be true elsewhere, it’s not at Salud. Each dish is made from scratch, in store and every ingredient is plant based. The lettuce is never sad, in fact the opposite, there’s always a unique array of mixed greens or an ingredient that is new to me. Take for example the “So Kelp Me Goddess” lunch on the go. This power packed lunch had mushrooms, kale, spinach, and a delicious curve ball: kelp noodles. Each bite was unique, different greens coated in a flavorful vegan pesto that for once didn’t leave me missing cheese.

If you have a little more time, you can have them build you a smoothie bowl or salad which is a big help if you are at all on the picky side. Salud Juice is more than just juice, but cold pressed 100% organic juice is what they are known for, rightfully so. According to Angela Almaguer, owner and founder of Salud Juice, juicing is more accessible and tastier than people realize. “If they came into Salud, I would immediately offer them a sample of our best tasting juices, specifically Summer Nights. It is the most palatable juice and usually turns the stigma of cold-pressed juice around for the customer.”

And she is not wrong! “Summer Nights” is an incredibly tasty juice with fresh, simple ingredients: carrot, orange, lemon, muddled mint. When I first tried cold pressed juices, I leaned heavily into these fruit mixes. They are enjoyable and sweet, but now I have a taste for the vegetable heavy juices like the “Straight Up” which includes kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger. Or if I want something sweeter I grab their beet mix “The Other Beet One” that’s a mix of earthy, sweet, and sour with beet, orange, apple, and lemon.

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Ever curious about trends, I decided to try a juice cleanse from Salud Juice. I had heard wonders about the multi-day ritual and thought I might as well try. Owner, Angela explained to me what doing a cleanse is all about. “The biggest benefit is being able to fast while maintaining a steady flow of vitamins and nutrients. You can eliminate processed foods and other items that might be making you feel sick or lethargic without you even realizing it. Then, after the cleanse, you can slowly start implementing items back into your diet and have a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work for your body.”

I have to be honest doing a 2-day cleanse did feel good. I didn’t go into it expecting to lose weight or change my life overnight (and neither should you), but I had a lot of energy and it did feel like a hard reset on my taste buds after consuming a bit too much fried food over the holiday season. That’s the thing about juicing, it can be whatever you need it to be. For some people it is as simple as trying to get a few extra greens in their diet each week. Resolutions don’t work because they’re not a lifestyle, but eating well and feeding your body is what Salud Juice is all about.

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