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Our 3 Top Takeaways from the 2021 Garden Media Garden Trends Report

Our 3 Top Takeaways from the 2021 Garden Media Garden Trends Report


Raise your hand if you started a garden in 2020. If you did, you’re far from alone. According to Garden Media’s 2021 Garden Trend Report: The Great Reset, you’re one of 16 million other people who embraced this hobby last year. Whether you built your first raised bed, adopted houseplants, planted a tree, refreshed your front garden, or started tomatoes from seed, you’re part of a growing movement that doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2021. If you missed out on the great garden explosion of 2020, that’s ok too. It’s never too late to adopt this hobby.

To help you out, we combed through Garden Media’s comprehensive report and pulled out three of our favorite trends for 2021. No matter your experience level, this should give you ideas for developing your gardening knowledge this year.

Edible Gardening

Last spring, when quarantine hit, lots of us picked up hobbies and activities we wouldn’t have tried normally (looking at you, sourdough bread bakers). One of the biggest trends to surface was growing food. According to the Garden Media report, Google searches for “victory garden” hit their highest levels ever on April 5, 2020.

Edible gardening is primed to be a popular activity again in 2021. According to the trend report, sixty-seven percent of adults are either actively growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs, or they have plans to.

One of the great things about edible gardening is that it can be done on any scale. If you have a large yard and lots of sunshine, build raised beds or prepare a growing area using gardener Charles Dowding’s no dig method. If you live in an apartment, you can still grow plenty of plants in pots, including herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and even citrus fruit.

Miniature Plants

One of the most essential ingredients of successful gardening is patience. Plants take time to grow and develop into their final form. If waiting isn’t one of your particular skills, mini plants are an option. According to the Garden Media report, small-scale plants are gaining popularity because they fit in any space. They also provide quicker—if not instant—gratification.

“Cuteness aside, tiny plants are the perfect choice for plant keepers with limited space and time. Tiny plants grown on your windowsill, under grow lights, or under glass – can feed your plant addiction without cramping your style,” shares Leslie Halleck of Halleck Horticultural LLC in the trend report.

Mini succulents and air plants are fantastic, low-maintenance options for adding some green decor to your house. You can also go mini with petite varieties of your favorite fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

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Lawn Alternatives

It might not be news to Californians, but lawn alternatives are on the rise. According to the trend report, sixty-seven percent of people polled in a National Garden Bureau survey said they wanted to explore lawn alternatives while still retaining some traditional lawn space.

Doing this can not only give you a more unique front yard, but it can also provide a better habitat for wildlife and encourage pollinator activity if you choose the right plants.


The future of gardening in 2021 is bright and bountiful. Branch out (no pun intended) and try implementing one of these trends yourself this year.

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