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KrimsonHAUS is Changing the Face of Interior Design

KrimsonHAUS is Changing the Face of Interior Design


In June 2021, best friends Christian and Thomas decided to leave their current positions and start an interior design business together.  Since then KrimsonHAUS has been changing the face of interior design in Long Beach.  Thomas is a pro at looking at the different spaces in a home and figuring out what type of assets can create the best functionality for each space; Christian’s skillset lies in finding the beautiful assets that will fulfill those needs.  Together this dynamic duo makes every area of the home a “moment” or a story that speaks to that person.

Why did they choose interior design for their careers?  Thomas has always been passionate about interior design.  As a child, he loved rearranging the furniture in his room and he also enjoyed watching shows about interior design.  He always felt like home is where you retreat to, and it should be a space you love.  He got his education in interior design, and later met Christian.  Christian has always known he wanted to work in a creative field, but he wasn’t quite sure which one.  While pursuing an exercise science degree, he felt like he needed an outlet to scratch the creative itch, so he reached out to a costume designer and asked if there was anything he could help with.  The costume designer didn’t have anything available for Christian, but he referred him to an interior design friend.  This friend quickly realized that Christian had an eye for interior design, and the rest is history!

Why did they decide on opening KrimsonHAUS in Long Beach?  Both Thomas and Christian are local to Long Beach and within walking distance of each other.  Not only do they work together, they’re also best friends.  To them, opening KrimsonHAUS in Long Beach was a no-brainer.  “Long Beach is home.  It doesn’t make sense to have it anywhere else.”

What makes them different from other interior design companies?  Thomas brings construction value to the table after working with contractors in the past.  He has knocked down walls, laid tiling, and even done electrical work.  This knowledge about how things work inside a home gives him a unique perspective about what types of changes can be made to benefit a space.  Christian is adept at diving into the psychology of each client and really getting in their heads.  Once he knows what the client’s design style is, he sets out on making it a reality.  A lot of other interior designers choose pieces that suit their own style, but Thomas and Christian are client-focused.

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What are a couple design ideas to elevate a space on a budget?  

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  1. Removable wallpaper is a great option. It’s renter-friendly and you can switch it up whenever you want.  
  2. Paint is another fun way to elevate a space.  You can keep it simple by just doing one accent wall, or you can use tape to create a geometric pattern in a specific area.  
  3. Lighting. Most apartments come with basic lighting but there are a lot of cost-effective ways to upgrade.  Adding table lamps is a nice touch, but even switching out light bulbs can help.  You can play around with different temperatures of light, different brightnesses, and even change the angle the bulbs shines towards to create a different atmosphere.  
  4. Make a DIY Wall Sconce with rechargeable bluetooth light bulbs.  Easy and cheap!
  5. Knowing how to display your pieces is key.  Not everything needs to be replaced.  Sometimes changing the angle of a piece, adding a fresh coat of paint, or changing out knobs and handles can make it look more upscale.

Last thoughts from KrimsonHAUS:  Both Thomas and Christian feel blessed to be doing what they’re doing and changing people’s lives every day.  “There’s nothing like making someone tear up when they walk into their home because it’s so beautiful.” 

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