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3 Bars you must visit at Dark Harbor this Year

3 Bars you must visit at Dark Harbor this Year


There is a scary mist in the air when you attend The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Halloween attraction. It’s a chill, a trance an induced feeling that makes any sane person who sees ghouls, zombie chefs and creatures lurking around the ship say: I need a drink.

In between all the screams all the terror and all the attendees here are three bars that helped us survive Dark Harbor.

The Meat Locker

The first stop that must be made is a chilled shipping container (It’s Freezing) called The Meat Locker. As you enter you will be greeted by an attendant that will give you a polar jacket and tell you to prepare for the 9-degree atmosphere. Watch your own breath become instantly visible, but do not fear as the unique flavors of vodka (mine was fruity pebble) will help you forget the cold.

The Circus

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Enter the giant mouth that leads to the frightening maze “The Circus” and prepare to indulge in a one-of-a-kind martini if you can find it. You guessed it, in between the white smoke the mirrors and all the monsters that call the circus home is a secret bar. Keep your eyes open and let the wizard guide you to your drink (or shot) of your choice.

The Feast

The Feast is a new maze to the Dark Harbor’s infamous list and one that you shouldn’t miss. As you begin to make your way through the maze you should come to a bar (if you close your eyes you’ll walk right past it). Take your pick from a selection of shots (mine was Corpse Reviver) and prepare to scream as crawl your way through “the oven.”

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